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BRADICAL offers free advice on employment and discrimination rights. We aim to assist people who are not able to get the support they need elsewhere. We are particularly committed to helping people who have faced discrimination at work. If you are a member of a trade union we advise you to first seek support from them and if you have insurance to check if the policy includes legal cover.

We can provide initial advice and information, draft an appeal or grievance letter for you to send to your employer, ACAS or the tribunal. In some cases, we may contact your employer if you agree to this, also negotiate a settlement or provide representation at a tribunal hearing.

We help people in work who wish to raise a grievance or are facing disciplinary action. In some cases we may be able to arrange representation at disciplinary hearings for non-union members.

If you are no longer employed we can assist you in appealing your dismissal, advise on the merits of a potential claim, offer support in using the Acas Early Conciliation process, help with making a claim to the employment tribunal and possibly represent you at the hearing. If we are not able to represent you at the hearing we can help you prepare. If you are successful at the employment tribunal we can help enforce the judgment.

The following are some of the employment issues that we can help you with:

We only ever assist workers and employees. We understand how stressful problems at work can be and we provide a caring and supportive service. We will be open and honest with you about the merits of any potential claims you might have.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we provide or if you want to find out if we can help you.

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BRADICAL Employment Rights

Free advice on employment and discrimination rights


Room 118, Gazette Buildings

168 Corporation Street


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Telephone: 0121 - 771 - 0871

Lines manned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12 noon to 5 pm - Other times answer machine facility.

E-mail: info@bradical.org.uk

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